Doncaster’s Tailored & Professional Teeth Whitening and Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Cosmetic dentistry is the art of improvement, make over, and smile creation, and at Schick Dental we know nothing boosts the beauty of a smile like sparkling white teeth. The Dentists on our team provides professional, affordable and effective teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry services for the people of Doncaster, Templestowe and Balwyn.

Don’t waste your time and money with ineffective over-the-counter toothpastes and treatments that deliver disappointing results. Our teeth whitening services are time and cost effective, delivering whiter, brighter teeth. In the case of severe staining, chipping or unwanted spaces, dental veneers may be the solution.

When you book your first appointment with us at Schick Dental in Doncaster, we will assess your teeth, mouth and gums and discuss what results you are hoping for. Schick Dental has Teeth whitening services that can fit the busiest of schedule to find the option that best suits you and fits your busy schedule.

Before Tooth Bonding

After Tooth Bonding

Teeth Whitening and Zoom Teeth Whitening

Dr Raheil Toghyani is a certified provider of Zoom Teeth Whitening technology. Come into our Doncaster dental clinic to get back your pearly white smile with professional teeth whitening. We offer some great teeth whitening options that can fit into your busy schedule.

At Schick Dental we provide take home teeth whitening kits as well as in clinic 1 hour Zoom teeth whitening treatment – perfect for Doncaster, Templestowe and Balwyn locals. For further information on Zoom teeth whitening please visit Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening web site.

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers can completely reshape your teeth and your smile, covering a wide variety of dental issues and imperfections such as any of the following:

  • Crooked teeth,
  • Misshapen teeth,
  • Severely discoloured or stained teeth
  • Teeth that are too small or large
  • Unwanted or uneven spaces
  • Worn or chipped teeth

There are two treatment options with dental veneers.

Composite veneers (treatment options with dental veneers)

Use a dental material that can be formed and shaped to the desirable aesthetics in the dental chair without the help of dental laboratories. Composite dental veneers can provide superior aesthetics and a more affordable treatment option for patients that cannot commit financially to a porcelain veneer.

Porcelain veneers (treatment options with dental veneers)

Are thin and durable and can be custom shaped and coloured to match your teeth by a professional dental laboratory that works as a team with the dentist. Both composite and porcelain veneers are bonded to the front of the teeth to create a beautiful and attractive smile.