General Dental Care

General dental cares refers to or consists of routine dental treatments, such as:

Oral examination
Your mouth is about more than your teeth so we look at and assess the health of your gums, cheeks, lips and tongue. We check to see if the way teeth “bite” together is in need of any adjustment. And of course we check each tooth for signs of tooth decay.
Scale and clean
A scale and clean is removing the hardened tartar off teeth then polishing with a fluoride treated polishing paste.
A variety of dental materials are available for purpose of fillings. The two major categories are white or metallic restorations or fillings. The suitable material of choice is selected by the dentist, depending on the oral circumstances and patient’s preference.
X-ray films are taken to check on any microscopic changes not visible to the naked eye. This means any decay is spotted whilst it is still small or in its early stages. Great care is taken so the patient’s exposure to dental radiation is minimal.
Great care is taken when a tooth needs to be extracted. We strive for effective communication with our patients so each patient knows about all options available and feel in control during their treatment.
Fluoride treatment
When the dentist finds it necessary, a high concentration of fluoride gel is applied to the teeth and left for 1 minute. Fluoride can also be applied just to one or two teeth that are at risk of developing decay.