Teeth Whitening

There are numerous teeth whitening systems available to the public. However, the safest and the most effective teeth whitening systems are available through dental providers. To achieve a beautiful, brighter smile, there are two teeth bleaching options available: .

Professional Teeth Whitening Using Zoom Teeth Whitening System

Our clinic offers in-chair Teeth Whitening. The Zoom Laser bleaching treatment gives you the white smile you desire in one hour. It is fast, safe and the most effective laser teeth bleaching system available. Our clinic uses the Zoom teeth whitening system which is one of the most popular treatments on the market. It can achieve amazing results in just one hour.

Zoom teeth whitening is especially suitable for people with busy life styles and people who desire a brighter, whiter smile instantly. Zoom gives you the white, glossy smile you have always wanted just before a special occasion.

Unlike some other teeth whitening systems in the market, Zoom is durable and long lasting and will last for many years, provided you look after your teeth.

Why not take advantage of our competitive price for professional laser teeth bleaching using the Zoom System today.

Teeth Whitening At Home

Teeth whitening at home can be achieved over a number of weeks using a take home teeth bleaching kit with an effective and safe bleaching concentration.

Before- Teeth Whitening with Zoom System

After – Teeth Whitening with Zoom System